The Allotrope Data Format (ADF) [ADF] consists of several APIs and taxonomies. This document constitutes the specification for the ADF Data Package Ontology (ADF-DPO) which defines the concepts for files, folders and their metadata. The ADF-DPO provides the vocabulary for the operations available by the ADF Data Package API [ADF-DP].



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This document is part of a set of specifications on the Allotrope Data Format [ADF]

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

The Allotrope Data Format (ADF) defines an interface for experimental data generated in analytical laboratory processes. It is intended for data exchange, long-term preservation and fast real-time data access. The ADF Data Package API [ADF-DP] defines an interface for storing files and folder structures and thus provides one of most essential operations of the ADF. The ADF Data Package Ontology (ADF-DPO) provides concepts and terms which are used by ADF Data Package API operations. The concepts of the ADF-DPO are also used to define consistency and integrity constraints on data files and meta-data during storage and modification.

The ontology will be available for downloaded from http://purl.allotrope.org/ontologies/datapackage .

The document is structured as follows: Next, the requirements for the ADF Data Package Ontology are listed before the key concepts of the ontology and the relation to other ontologies are described.

1.1 Document Conventions

1.1.1 Namespaces

Within the ADF specifications, the following namespace prefix bindings are used:

Prefix Namespace

1.1.2 Indication of Requirement Levels

Within this document the definitions of MUST, SHOULD and MAY are used as defined in [rfc2119].

1.1.3 Number Formatting

Within this document, decimal numbers will use a dot "." as the decimal mark.

2. ADF High-Level Structure

The following figure illustrates the high-level structure of the Allotrope Data Format (ADF):

Fig. 1 The high-level structure of the Allotrope Data Format (ADF) API stack.
This document focuses on the ADF Data Package Ontology, which is used by the ADF Data Package API [ADF-DP] highlighted in the figure above.

3. Requirements

The scope to the ADF Data Package Ontology is the description of the metadata of files and folders within an ADF Data Package. This includes:

4. ADF Data Package Ontology High-level Structure

The ADF Data Package Ontology imports external ontologies:

Fig. 2 ADF Data Package Ontology high-level structure with imported ontologies.

5. ADF Data Package Ontology Concept Details

An overview of the ADF Data Package Ontology is given in the next figure (namespaces are given in parentheses, external ontologies are in grey).

Fig. 3 ADF Data Package Ontology high-level structure.

The key concepts of the ADF Data Package Ontology are adf-dp:File and adf-dp:Folder which are both subclasses of adf-dp:Node. They are described in the following subsections. Detailed descriptions of the entire ontology can be found in [AF-OWL-DOC].

5.1 Node

A node is a resource within the ADF Data Package.

For a node identifier, the name (title), creator and creation time MUST be specified. Modifier and modification time MAY be optionally specified.

5.2 File

A file is a node of information that is meant to store information electronically. The storage is durable in the way that the information is still available after the creating process has closed.

For a file, the same information as for a node is specified. Additionally, the file size, file format, the corresponding HDF data set, the containing folder and - for text files - a line separator and character encoding MUST be specified.

5.3 Folder

A folder is a special kind of node within the file system that is meant to create a hierarchical structure of resources by connecting to parent and child nodes.

For a folder, the same information as for a node is specified. Additionally, the corresponding HDF group and the parent folder MUST be specified.

6. Change History

Version Release Date Remarks
0.4.0 2015-06-29 Initial Working Draft Version
1.0.0 RC 2015-09-17
  • alignment with other ADF specifications
  • updated figure on ADF-DCO classes
  • added figure for ADF-DCO components
  • shortened list of requirements
1.0.0 2015-09-29
  • updated versions, dates and document status
  • fixed broken reference
1.1.0 RC 2016-03-11
  • updated versions, dates and document status
  • added section on number formatting to document conventions
  • updated Fig. 1
1.1.0 RF 2016-03-31
  • updated versions, dates and document status
1.1.5 2016-05-13
  • updated versions and dates
1.2.0 Preview 2016-09-23
  • updated versions and dates
1.2.0 RC 2016-12-07
  • updated versions and dates
1.3.0 Preview 2017-03-31
  • updated versions and dates
1.3.0 RF 2017-06-30
  • updated versions and dates
  • updated images

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